Psycho Killer… Qu’est-ce que c’est?

January 23, 2009 at 4:38 am Leave a comment

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Thank you Einstein.  You have given us both the theory of relativity and sound dating advice.

I know I’m absolutely doing the wrong thing.  I know that I’ll never get what I want.  I know that I’m only screwing myself over (repeatedly).  And yet…

The past two nights I have had really disturbing dreams.  The night before last, I was standing outside of a prison (as I am wont to do, duh) when this serial killer escapes, killing first 4 guards and then me.  He was charming and likable, which is why we all let him murder the hell out of us.  He completely tears me apart.  He rips my legs off and I know I’m dead, but I am still cognizant and my body is sort of hovering there with gristle and entrails all out.  He says, “You know, I can see your spine.” I look down, embarrassed.  He then says, “You know I haven’t tried necrophilia in a while…” At this point I am freaked the hell out and wake myself up, only to slip back into the same dream and get murdered by the same guy AGAIN except this time I know how it turns out and I let it happen anyway.

Next night, same dude.  I am now on this crew of bad guys and we are plotting to blow up a high school.  No real idea why.  The same serial killer from my dream the night before (this is bizarre because I never have anyone carry over like that unless they are a real person) is part of our group.  Everyone recognizes that he is a bit unhinged and so when he volunteers to strap himself with dynamite, we figure we’ll kill two birds by getting rid of him in the process.  So he’s all strapped in and starts running towards the school when at the last second he runs back, tackles me, and holds me down so that I blow up with him.

Haha ok so writing this out makes things painfully transparent, but I’ll humor myself and go over the symbolism.

Prison- self imposed restrictions (fail)

Prison guard- one’s higher self, the conscience which keeps us in line (or hey, lets the asshole out because he’s so darn charming)

Murder- symbolic death of a relationship, plan or situation (duh)

Spine- strength of character (so my character is showing…and it’s hot?)

Necrophilia- message to focus on aspects of one’s life rather than dwelling on the past (ok)

High school- step up in one’s level of learning (FAIL, gonna blow it up)

Suicide bomber- an individual who is obsessed with destroying another (haha I it doesn’t come to that)

All right so clear enough right?  Here’s the icing on the cake:

Serial killer- suggests a self generated condition whereby one routinely performs in a self-defeating manner; the methodical killing of one’s opportunities….DING DING DING.

Damn, I gotta get my head right.


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