EAAG: a Celebration

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“I don’t get off on romantic parts. But I often think if I had had my dental work done early on, well, maybe.”

~Morgan Freeman, distinguished EAAG

I’ve been feeling rather melancholy lately, so I decided to pull an Oprah (no, not talk about how embarrassed I am about weighing 200 lbs in spite of the fact that I’m pretty much the most powerful woman in the worlddddddddd) and do a Favorite Things series. So from now until Christmas and/or spring and/or the return of Jesus Christ, I will compose a tribute to something I enjoy. First on the list (perhaps to counteract my ageist dream from last night), elderly African-American gentlemen. I’m sure your experience is different if you are say, a middle-aged white dude, but I have had countless positive interactions with EAAG. These Random Acts of Delightful Grandfatherlyness always come out of nowhere and generally make my day every time they occur.


Figure 1: Not RAoDG if the EAAG in question is your actual grandfather.

My most recent RAoDG have come from our gym’s security guard.

Interaction 1.

EAAG: Where are you from?

Me: Apex, where are you from?

EAAG: Raleigh. I just see you smilin’ every time you come in here, so I figure, “She must be from a good place!”


Interaction 2

EEAG: There she is again, smiling!

Me: Haha

EAAG: (Grand sweeping arm motions) It’s not like it is when you came in, it’s all clear now and the temperature has cooled significantly!

Me: lawlkbai!!!!!!!!!


EAAGs in Academia…Chuck Stone

Figure 2: AMAZING.

Revered journalist, Tuskegee Airman, bow-tie enthusiast, and all around classy guy. I interviewed him once as the newbiest of noob reporters my freshman year. I had to call his house on a Sunday. Not only was he very insightful and quote-worthy, he was also incredibly friendly and overall a pleasure to talk to. Although retired, I occasionally see him driving an adorable car around campus and at Christmastime he adorns the front with a wreath, making him a mobile purveyor of holiday cheer. Finally, his son directed Drumline and is the progenitor (and spokesperson) of the Budweiser wasssssssssssap commercials. Weird.

EAAGs at Large… Morgan Freeman

Figure 3: I mean come on, it’s just a no-brainer.

I, L’relle Antoinette, hereby publicly pronounce my love of elderly African-American gentlemen.


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