It’s a Different World

June 28, 2008 at 9:41 am Leave a comment

Figure 1: Yes, I effed up Hillary’s head.

Back story before substance: For a variety of reasons, I wiled the hell out yesterday, resulting in me crashing at 9 last night. And when I’m exhausted I tend to faceplant spread eagle and knock things over in my sleep, which results in me startling myself awake. Efficient huh? Anyway that brings us to where we are now– unreasonably alert and watching BET at 3 in the morning.

Somehow I don’t think the network programmers did this intentionally, but the episode of a Different World that’s on right now is insanely topical. Entitled “The Little Mister,” it features one of those role reversal plots in which all the presidential candidates are women– Georgia Mush, Rose Godot, and Jill Blinton. How subtle! (One of the things I love about this show is the fact that the storylines sound like things I would have written in the 5th grade). In any case, Jill’s (Whitley) husband Hilliard (Dwayne) is frustrated because as a potential “First Husband” he is not allowed to have any substance or opinions. Sound familiar?  I know they meant this as a simulacrum of Hillary (the episode originally aired in ’92), but Michelle anyone? Michelle Obama Watch is a good resource if you want to get informed and/or angry. Anyway, here’s a clip of the presidential debate on the show.

Critical Impressions*

Why do the moderators look like they just got off of work at Foot Locker?

Whitley’s purple powersuit is kinda hot…

My aunt and her Cabbage Patch Doll rocked matching versions of the EXACT same cowgirl outfit Rose Godot is wearing!

*I would attempt to address the treatment of women in politics and then digress into fashion commentary.


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