A Gentleman’s Sport

June 28, 2008 at 9:44 am Leave a comment

Maria Sharapova got a lot of crap for having the AUDACITY to wear tuxedo-inspired SHORTS at the Wimbledon tournament (its conservative dress code requires that all players wear white). She lost the match, but the ensemble is really cute imo.


Based on personal experience, I gotta say that skirts are cooler and allow for more freedom of movement. They also don’t shrink the hell up when you wash them like dresses tend to. Mostly though I suppose I enjoy anything that allows me to look stereotypically feminine (e.g. my bike) while engaging in stereotypically masculine activities such as ass kicking.

Figure 2: The Court Da Club

Of course, above all I support a woman’s right to choose. Unless it’s Sharapova’s ugly ass matching warm ups…

warm up

PS- This in no way tops Andre Agassi’s tacky phase in the early 90’s. “At a televised tournament, he wore ripped denim jeans… pink lipstick and grew out his pinkie fingernail and painted it pink (wiki).”


Figure 4: Axl, is that you!?


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