Fork and Run

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For the first time since I’ve resolved myself to do this oh, two weeks ago, I actually managed to get out of bed at seven this morning and go for a run. I’m signed up to do the Ramblin’ Rose and Wilmington Y triathlons this fall. Thank goodness, otherwise I think my training would look something like this:

spoon +frosting= Grown & Sexy.

I did my first duathlon in April and it was awesome, so hopefully these will be fun too. Except that I’ve really grown to hate running…and I’m kind of a shitty swimmer…

Anyhow, the point of all this was to discuss the strange things I came across during the course of my run this morning.


Figure 1: Doe, a deer, a female deer


Figure 2: Dr. Gordon Pitz


Figure 3: Bent fork

  1. Deer seem to be drawn to me for some reason. I rode behind a herd(?) of about 20 of them on my bike not too long ago; and of course there was the suicidal one I hit on the interstate. According to The Internet (so you know it’s true), they are symbols of love, gentleness, kindness, gracefulness, sensitivity, purity of purpose, walking in the light, swiftness, meekness, meditation, longevity, and wealth. You know, all the qualities I don’t possess.
  2. Pitz is well known around these parts for teaching Research Methods and although he’s pushing 70 at least, he’s in way better shape than I’ll ever be. (Think heroine-chic Santa Claus decked out in 70’s jogging apparel).
  3. Don’t you know there are starving children in Ethiopia that would die for your bent fork? (At least, that would be my mother’s interpretation of the situation).

So what does it all mean? When in doubt, I turn to Google. An image search of “deer fork pitz” reveals this nugget:


Figure 4: It’s all so clear to me now.

As an aside, do you ever feel like your ipod is trying to tell you something? If so, why does mine insist on playing this song every chance it gets?

I can feel it in my bones, I’m gonna spend my whole life alone.

Thanks ipod. Thanks a lot.


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